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DOB Permit Expediting:

Alt-1 permit filing and processing

Building Additions

Change of Building User

New Building

Alt-2 permit filing and processing

Mechanical, Interior renovation, Plumbing

Alt-3 permit filing and processing

Equipment Use Permits

Fence, Shed, Scaffold, Hoist



Sign-Off/Letter of Completion:

Inspections: Boiler, Electrical, Construction

Technical Reports: TR1, TR2, TR3, etc.


Public Assembly (PA):


For commercial use and events

Permanent PA

For businesses



DOB Inspection request 

Elevator, boiler, electrical, construction, plumbing


Records Research:

Request microfilm for old jobs

Job folder search

Obtain plans for old jobs


After-Hours Variance:

Project-dependent, work after 7 AM or after 6 PM, on weekends, etc.


Applicant Services:

Engineering Consulting Services

Inspection requests

Plan Examination Scheduling


Certificate of Occupancy (C of O):

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO)

Request final inspection for C of O

Amend existing CO


Building Violation Search and Removal:

ECB, OATH, DOB violations research

Develop plan to comply with outstanding laws and regulations

Cure (Remove) Violations



KnF Team specializes in Building Code, Zoning Consultation, and a broad scope of building expediting services that include Design Consultations, Approval, Asbestos Investigation, Permits, Special Inspections & Material Testing, Violation removal Sign-Off, and other critical approvals regulating construction


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